Contract Express

By Thomson Reuters

Contract Express is an intelligent document automation system for creating templates and producing documents using your organization's own work. With its intuitive markup, compliance, and relevancy tools, Contract Express ensures your documents are complete and accurate every time, in less time.


By Documate

Easy, no-code document assembly software. Cloud-based platform allows anyone with template documents or forms to create a shareable document assembly workflow that generates finalized documents. Users start by creating questions (like on Typeform). Then, load template documents. Finally, they connect questions to the documents.You can add jumps, conditions, signatures, calculations, and formatting specifications. Significantly easier than HotDocs - users save 90% of drafting time.


By AbacusNext

HotDocs is the global market leader in document automation software, with more than one million end users in 11,500 organisations across the world. Automating the production of documents provides stringent control of document content, while allowing users to vastly decrease the time taken to create business-critical documentation, from days and hours to minutes and seconds.


By Legito

Smart Documents. Smart contracts. Document Automation. Document Management. Document Negotiation and Collaboration. Lawyer-friendly software for creating responsive documents that know how you think and edit themselves. 100% Programing-Free Document Automation. 95,000+ users in 36+ countries. Biggest Worldwide client: PwC. Used by law firms, in-house legal and procurement departments, general counsels, financial institutions (banks, insurance, etc), real-estate sector (brokers & developers), HR.


By Templafy

Templafy is the smart way to manage, dynamically update, and share business document templates and brand assets throughout your organization. Its a solution that communications and compliance teams can control, IT can trust, and employees love using. From creating a one-page letter to a twenty-page contract, the intelligent automation behind Dynamics builds documents quickly and correctly, eliminating the need to maintain large numbers of templates.


By WebMerge

Automate creation of PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents by merging templates in the cloud. Deliver via email, e-signature, etc.


By Woodpecker Technologies

Woodpecker automatically converts your documents into standardized smart-templates without ever leaving Word.

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