Newsletter - September 23, 2022

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Uber Cybersecurity Incident 
- the ride-share company confirmed they are working through a data breach after a teen hacker reportedly broke into their internal systems and began taunting workers with explicit messages and images. More here.  

Amazon Faces Antitrust Suit in California 
- The state AG alleges the retail giants' 'vertical restraints' between a company and its suppliers are anticompetitive and against state antitrust laws. More here.

Software, REITs Stand Out In Slower M&A Global Market 
- Most M&A categories are down compared to this time last year. Software and REIT (Real Estate Trusts) are outperforming the market. More here

Court Rules In Favor of Allowing Lawsuits Against Social Media Companies - The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a Texas law allowing officials to file suit against major social media companies with allegations on censoring conservative speech. More here

Attorneys Divided: First-Years Over or Underpaid - Most attorneys believe their firm is missing the mark with how it compensates first-year associates; 58% of respondents say they were overcompensated at firms with 500+ attorneys, while 39% state they are underpaid at firms with 50 or fewer. More here.  

EPA Set To Scrutinize Companies Greenhouse Pledges - The agency received $5M from Congress last month to help standardize corporate climate action commitments and emission reduction plans. This comes as the SEC moves to complete the rules of public companies to report their emissions and climate protection progress. More here

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