6 Things to Have On a Client Contact Form

What you need to add to your contact form on your website.

When it comes time to adding information on your website, you must have several ways for clients to reach you. For example, a phone number should be clearly displayed on your site on any page. Next, you need to make sure you have your contact information, however, many people feel more comfortable emailing or filling out a contact form. Here are the 6 things you should have on your contact form page to get as much information as possible about a possible case.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email
  5. What type of injury did you suffer?- this can vary depending on your practice area or focus.
  6. Describe your case

It's important to have this information, especially if you are a personal injury law firm. The more information you have the better, especially when it comes to injury claims. The details are very important for these cases, and although all cases may seem similar, little details could make a huge difference.

At The Penton Law Firm our Jackson car accident lawyers offer free consultations, so it's important to let each potential client know these options are available, that way they feel more inclined to fill out a contact form. 

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