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Your weekly rundown for September 19, 2018


Elon Musk is sending a billionaire into space, the confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh continues, and the 2018 Clio Cloud Conference is a week away. Eek! We’re excited.

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Atrium LLP + Atrium LTS, a one-year-old, San Francisco, CA based law firm and legal technology company, has raised $65 million in a Series A round. The technology arm “digitizes legal documents and builds applications on top to speed up fundraising, commercial contracts, equity distribution and employment issues. For example, one of its apps automatically turns startup funding documents into Excel cap tables.”

The technology arm raised $10.5 million in June 2017, with investment by Jack Newton (Clio, CEO).

TechCrunch has more here.

LegalZoom and Clause have joined forces to provide smart legal contracts to the general public and small businesses. This deal follows the launch of a similar deal between Rocket Lawyer and OpenLaw.

Wondering what smart contracts for small businesses look like? You’re not alone. Here is an example. Imagine a blockchain-connected lock that can be attached to any device (an apartment, a bike, a car). Once a transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, a user can unlock the device and use that object. This is the type of interaction that can be powered by smart contracts.

Artificial Lawyer has more here and here.

The New Copyright Directive was approved by the European Parliament last Wednesday, following an earlier rejection by MEP’s in July.

The legislative effort aims to ensure that artists “are paid for their work when it is used by sharing platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, and news aggregators such as Google News”. In particular article 11 and 13 of the Directive are widely seen as having far reaching implications for online services providers globally. The final vote was 438 in favor and 226 against. The directive faces a final vote in January 2019, after which it will need to be implemented by individual EU member states.

Read more: EU Parliament EFF The Verge.



A3 Ventures is hiring for a Commercial Counsel. The position is based in Oakland, California.

Eskow Law Group is hiring for an Attorney. The firm focuses on the dental and medical industries.



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