Client Expectations and You

Client Expectations and You

How to balance client expectations

Responsiveness has always been crucial to creating and maintaining great relationships with your clientele.

But with the rise of social media and near instantaneous communication, routine business hours mean less and less to customers. As an additional tension, customers are becoming used to prompt responses as a means of life.

Below are a few hints on managing balance and expectations in your own practice.

Take Breaks + Set Your Hours

We commonly hear that attorneys are afraid to set off-limits contact hours with their clients. 

This is a great first instinct - but it doesn't speak to the heart of why clients are reaching out at all hours of the night. Part of being an attorney is navigating someone through some of the most stressful and personally taxing events of their lives. They're reaching out at odd hours and expecting a response because they're looking for answers. 

Setting routine hours of operation up-front with a client can actually be a great way of quelling this anxiety from the start. Instead of the client anxiously wondering when or if they're attorney will respond, they can feel more in control by knowing their attorney will contact them the next day. 

Taking breaks and setting your own accessibility can't just assist you to handle your daily, but it could also enable you to a better lawyer . Make

Set Next Steps

Your time is precious to you. Helping your clients to understand your accessibility and giving explanation for your reply time is honoring your connection together.

A common way to guide clients through the interaction is to set next steps. Finish every dialog with next actions and when to expect them may iron out some unnecessary confusion.

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