Beginning Your Practice: Finding Your Ideal Client

Finding the best client for your services is an important decision and is based off of many others.

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Just as you choose your friends, you should be discerning about who you take on as a client. In the legal industry, there are decisions you make that ultimately shape your practice. Finding the best client for your services is an important decision and is based off of many others. In this article, you will find an outline to finding your ideal client.

Who is your ideal client?



What do you look for in a friend? Do you have a list of qualities that are important to you?

One important aspect of finding your ideal client is knowing what they look like. This notion involves many questions; What practice areas will you focus on? Do you like practicing law in court? Are you interested in a certain amount of Pro Bono work? Do you like working with a few, challenging clients and long-lasting cases, or lots of quick cases with clear-cut legal situations? The way you answer these questions will help to determine both who you are looking for and how you manage your practice. Take the time to consider your day-to-day and your long-term plans for your career. The legal industry is always changing and adding more areas of expertise, so you’ll have many options to choose from.

How will you find that client?



Where do you find your friends? Figure out your interests and go from there.

This question involves a few main aspects of your practice; where you’ll find your client and how you will manage to help them find you. If you practice Blockchain law you might be best suited attending conferences or hackathons to find more in your professional community, or writing some helpful articles for popular technology publications. If your practice areas involve younger generations, you would be wise to nurture social media as your marketing channels. Your knowledge of your legal specialty is not limited to legal expertise, it has to involve how you’ll make your services know to your target audience.

 How will you serve that client?



How do you make sure you’re a good friend to others? Understanding the value of your friends can be demonstrated in how you treat them.

Every aspect of your practice should be a conscious decision. Making sure you and your client both have a smooth experience is necessary to both your efficiency and their outcome. Choosing mentors for your first couple of years is a great first step, but as a business owner it’s your job to seek innovations and improvements on your own. Stay on top of new legal technologies that help you minimize your administrative work. Anything you can automate without sacrificing quality or your personal touch is worth considering. One thing to keep in mind with all the help you bring your practice is how it will affect your clients.

Take a step back.



Not everyone should be your friend. Make decisions based on what’s right for you (and sometimes what’s right for them).

Building on the previous tip, it’s important to find your ideal client is because not every client is best for you. This seems simple, but is an important mindset to memorize. Knowing this will help you to make sure you’re not mistreating potential clients simply to capture their business. Thinking like a business owner is crucial; every person you speak with should already meet certain criteria for your legal services. Qualify at each step so you are making sound and ethical business decisions.