What Crimes Require a Sex Offender Registration?

What Crimes Require a Sex Offender Registration?

Not all sex crimes require the accused to register as a sex offender in California.

Registration Requirements Divided by Tiers

Tier 1 Offenders 

For adults, this requires a ten year registration and five years if the accused is a minor. You can petition to be removed from the sex offender list after you have been there for the required five or ten years. The type of crimes that are tier 1 include, indecent exposure, misdemeanor child pornography, misdemeanor oral copulation, or misdemeanor sexual battery.

Tier 2 Offenders

For tier 2 penalties, offenders must register for 20 years if they are an adult and 10 if they are a minor. Tier 2 crimes include, incest, sexual acts with no consent, or penetration of a foreign object. 

Tier 3 Offenders

This is the most severe of penalties. Offenders who commit sex crimes such as, rape, pimping of a minor, or child pornography must register as an adult sex offender for life and they cannot petition to be removed. 

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