How to Keep Going in Your Job Hunt

Searching for a job is one of the most stressful tasks in which we have to engage. Particularly if you are currently out of work, facing interminable application forms and probably even repeated rejections can be deeply disheartening. But eventually, you will reach your goal – and in the meantime, here are some tips for keeping yourself going on your quest for employment.
Jun 10, 2020

Speak to a recruiter

Recruitment companies – like in the legal sector – keep in constant touch with employers about their staffing needs. That means they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to which companies are recruiting, and they are a source of valuable information and assistance that isn’t available on job listing websites.

Recruitment companies’ ultimate goal is to find the right candidates for their clients. This means that they will be keen to develop good relationships with potential employees, offer you advice on the best way forward, and put you in contact with an employer where you will fit well with the team.

Furthermore, if your circumstances are a little complicated – for example, you’ve had an employment gap that isn’t easy to show simply on a resumé – then a recruiter who an employer trusts will be able to explain this and ensure the company has the right first impression of you. Try speaking to a recruiter today if you’re struggling for options in your job hunt.

Keep in touch with your field

Particularly if you’ve had an extended period out of work, then it’s important to keep in touch with how your field is developing. Some areas of law move fast, with constant new statutes, cases, and regulations emerging. Though your main focus is of course your job search itself, put aside a little time in the week to check over how practice is progressing in your area. Subscribe to newsletters, listen to podcasts, and find other sources of relevant news. Doing so will not only help you when you do get back to work but will give you things to talk about and impress employers when you secure a job interview.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Faced with a long list of jobs to apply for from a job listings site, it might be tempting to play the ‘numbers game’ and get as many applications in as you can, hoping that at least one will turn out positively. However, when it comes to job applications, you’re always better served by prioritizing quality over quantity. 

Take some time to find the right job, and then carefully tailor your application to the role at hand. Research that employer, think about its work culture, and craft your resumé and your answers to show why you’d be the right person for the job. When you’ve finished your application or cover letter, leave it 24 hours and then re-read it – there are nearly always typos that you fail to spot when you’ve just finished writing that make themselves known to fresh eyes. 

Taking time on each application might mean that you don’t have time to apply for every job on the market. But that’s a price worth paying to ensure the applications you do put in show you in the best light.

Finding a job is rarely easy. Set yourself some achievable goals for each day and take one step at a time, and sooner or later you’ll be getting ready for that first day in the office.

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