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Department Information

The Office of the Child’s Representative (OCR)'s mission is to give children and youth a voice in Colorado legal proceedings through high-quality legal representation that protects and promotes their safety, interests, and rights.

Our Vision: Justice, opportunity, and healthy families for all court-involved children and youth.


  • Accountability: Colorado’s children, attorneys, families, and communities can count on OCR to ensure that each decision we make and action we take advances our mission in a fair, equitable, inclusive, and transparent manner.
  • Efficiency: OCR strives to accomplish its mission and conserve resources by streamlining efforts, adhering to deadlines, resolving conflict constructively, and honoring well-defined projects, processes, and roles. We balance our drive to achieve with thoughtful planning and implementation.
  • Empowerment: OCR cultivates an environment of respect, honesty, and equity. We value the diverse experiences and expertise of the children we serve, our attorneys, and our staff. We invest time to reflect and connect, focus on strengths, value feedback, and recognize success. We stand for justice and support each other in our mission to empower children.

The OCR is an independent agency within the State of Colorado Judicial Branch that provides attorney guardian ad litem (GAL), child's legal representative (CLR), and counsel for youth services to children and youth in dependency and neglect (D&N), delinquency, and other proceedings throughout Colorado.

The OCR’s El Paso County Office is responsible for providing GAL services in D&N and delinquency cases and counsel services for youth accessing Colorado’s Transition Age Youth program. The OCR’s El Paso County Office currently constitutes the OCR’s only office providing these services through state employees (12 FTE attorneys, 5 case consultants, and 3.4 administrative staff) rather than independent contracts. As such, this office provides a unique opportunity to protect the interests and advance the rights of individual children through high-quality multidisciplinary legal representation, to influence systemic change through coordinated and strategic advocacy, and to incubate and implement best practices in legal representation.

Description of Job

The Managing Attorney position is a full-time, non-classified position that is exempt from overtime under the Federal Labor Standards Act, serving at the pleasure of the OCR’s Executive Director. All prospective employees of the Colorado Judicial Branch are subject to background investigation prior to hiring.

The Managing Attorney is responsible for managing the staff and operations of the El Paso County office and overseeing the office’s efforts to provide excellent multidisciplinary representation in a manner that protects the interests of children and youth and advances their rights throughout all phases of each proceeding. The attorney in this position must have exceptional leadership, organizational, and management skills, experience in D&N and/or delinquency proceedings, and the ability to translate a vision for justice into concrete litigation strategies and employee expectations.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure that the OCR El Paso County Office provides effective and exemplary multidisciplinary legal representation to children and youth in El Paso County.
    • Supervise staff in providing effective legal representation for every child to which the office is appointed/assigned; ensure adherence to the practice standards set forth by Colorado Chief Justice Directive 04-06.
    • Carry a reduced caseload in addition to management responsibilities; provide excellent representation on those cases.
    • Effectively supervise staff by supporting staff, clearly defining expectations, evaluating staff performance, providing constructive feedback and assistance, resolving complaints, and distributing caseloads equitably.
    • Schedule and hold regular staff meetings to foster collaborative learning, strategizing, and advocacy on case-related work.
    • Strategize and implement the optimal use of case consultants as members of attorney legal teams, building on the office’s historical experience and a growing body of research and collective national experience in the use of multidisciplinary representation models.

  • Oversee the OCR El Paso County Office’s day-to-day operations and collaborate with the OCR on long-term strategic planning to ensure effective and efficient programming and operations.
    • Oversee staff use of the OCR’s case management and billing systems and utilize OCR reports and data in all decision-making including attorney performance evaluations.
    • Manage resources and staff by presenting the needs of the office to the OCR and responding to the OCR’s requests, adhering to OCR personnel policies, and leading staff in engaging in continuous quality improvement.
    • Meet regularly with the Assistant Managing Attorney and Managing Case Coordinator to address management issues, advance the office’s mission, ensure adherence to OCR values, and optimize the support and supervision of the staff.
    • Meet regularly with members of the OCR’s Management Team and staff to manage the office’s budget, operations, and services and to identify office strengths, needs, opportunities, and areas for growth.
    • Report to the OCR’s Executive Director on the Managing Attorney’s performance and the office’s overall performance.

  • Establish the OCR’s El Paso County GAL Office as a leader in providing effective multidisciplinary representation and advance the rights and interests of children and youth at the local, state, and national level.
    • Participate in local, state, and national committees and collaborations.
    • Maintain professional relationships with other stakeholders in community; effectively represent the rights and interests of children and youth through collaboration and systemic advocacy.
    • Present and train at the national, state, and local level. o Participate in the OCR’s legislative, policy, and training initiatives by informing the OCR of case-related issues that have practice and policy implications and by collaborating with the OCR’s programs team staff.
    • Work with other stakeholders in child welfare and juvenile justice to ensure a focus on children and youth in individual proceedings and in broader policy development.

  • Develop a specialized workforce of attorneys and case consultants dedicated to child welfare and juvenile justice work.
    • Work collaboratively with the OCR to develop effective strategies for recruiting and retaining qualified attorneys and case consultants and to expand the diversity, experience, and expertise of the OCR’s workforce.
    • Develop effective onboarding, training, support, and supervision protocols that ensure attorneys and case consultants have the skills, knowledge, and tools to effectively represent children and youth at all phases of proceedings.
    • Assess and address individual staff member’s training needs, adhere to OCR’s training requirements, and ensure staff access to relevant training opportunities.

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights


  • License to practice in the State of Colorado.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the field of child welfare and/or juvenile justice law. The candidate must have legal experience handling D&N matters and relevant experience litigating contested matters before courts.
  • Passion for the OCR’s mission and the desire, dedication, and work ethic to represent children and youth and to advance the legal practice of attorneys for children and youth.
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and excellence in verbal and written communication.
  • Demonstrated management and/or leadership skills to support and supervise staff in a positive, productive, and accountable manner and to lead staff in continuous quality improvement and implementation of best and promising practices.
  • The ability to communicate and function in an interdisciplinary team and a fast-paced and complex work environment.
  • Demonstrated multi-tasking, analytical, and leadership skills, with the ability to anticipate issues, discern priorities, and respond quickly when needed.

Supplemental Information

This position is currently working as needed from the office and otherwise remotely from home during the Covid19 pandemic; OCR anticipates an eventual transition to either a full-time or hybrid return to the office. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. This position routinely handles emergency or crisis situations and may be frequently subject to interruptions, multiple calls and inquiries. The noise level in the shared office environment is usually moderate.

The OCR El Paso County Office of the GAL’s primary work takes place in El Paso County; however, special projects or duties outside the primary scope of the position may be assigned by the OCR’s Executive Director. Office and agency needs may require travel to events outside of the Front Range, including meetings, trainings, and conferences (state and national). The estimated amount of work time related to travel outside of the Front Range for this position is less than 10 percent.

Complete the online application form at https://fs30.formsite.com/COCR/ManagingAttorney/index.html no later than 11:59pm on November 14th, 2021 (Mountain Daylight Time). You must advance to the last page of the online form and "Submit" it before the deadline. You will receive a confirmation and copy of your application at the email address you provide on the form. This electronic application form will prompt you to upload a PDF resume, cover letter, and writing sample. The form will also prompt you to answer several open-ended questions; you may save your progress and later return to the form as needed.

Applications will not be considered that are late or contain documents that are illegible, incomplete, emailed or mailed outside of this electronic form, or uploaded in a file format OCR cannot open or read. Be sure your application materials specifically address your experience and qualifications for the position described on this document. Selected applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.

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