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Position Overview

About the Position
Come be a part of a dynamic legal team as an Attorney at the Office of the Legal Advocate!

As an Attorney, you will have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of indigent clients appointed to our office by the court. You will put your legal skills to work by preparing cases and representing clients through all phases of the court proceedings, all while having a positive impact on those in our community who are impoverished.

This recruitment will be used to fill a current vacancy in the Appellate group.

About Maricopa County's Office of the Legal Advocate
We provide high-quality legal representation to our clients while protecting the fundamental rights of every member of the community.

The Office of the Legal Advocate is made up of hard-working and dedicated people who believe in safeguarding the constitutional rights of the indigent clients we serve.
We strive to build a stronger team with every team member we add because every one of our colleagues plays an integral part in delivering excellent representation.

If your goal is to be part of a dynamic, supportive, and pivotal office, please consider applying to the Office of the Legal Advocate!

Position Qualifications

We recognize your time is valuable, so please apply if you meet the following required qualifications.

  • Juris Doctor or Doctor of Jurisprudence from an American Bar Association (ABA) approved law school

Other Requirements
  • Must be admitted to practice law and a member in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona at the time of application
  • Must possess or have the ability to obtain a valid Arizona driver's license by the time of hire

Our Preferred Candidate has
  • Experience with adult criminal appeals and post-conviction relief
  • Work in state criminal litigation within the last three (3) years
  • Practice as lead counsel in an appeal or post-conviction relief proceeding in which a death sentence was imposed
  • Lead counsel experience with felony and/or first or second-degree murder appeals
  • Member in good standing of the State Bar of Arizona for at least the past five (5) years
  • Satisfied the qualifications outlined in 16A A.R.S., Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 6.8 for the appointment of appellate and post-conviction counsel in capital trial cases
  • Knowledge relative to the scope and character of death penalty law, Arizona Criminal Code, Rules of Evidence, Federal Habeas Corpus, Constitutional Law, and familiarity with performance standards in 2003 American Bar Association Guidelines for Death Penalty Cases

Essential Job Tasks

The tasks listed are a representation and not an all-inclusive list of essential job tasks for this position.
  • Appears in court representing clients at scheduled hearings and trials
  • Presents oral arguments as appropriate in support of clients' legal interest
  • Researches facts and analyzes legal issues using both computerized and printed legal research tools
  • Composes motions, briefs, correspondence, and other legal documents
  • Prepares cases for trial by interviewing witnesses, visiting crime scenes and other case-related locations
  • Reviews evidence on- and off-site
  • Discusses and presents analyses of legal issues to clients, court personnel, and related individuals
  • Communicates in person and by phone with clients, opposing counsel, co-workers, supervisors, and others
  • Travels to courts, jails, detention centers, and correctional facilities to effectively represent clients
  • Provides leadership for professionals, including other attorneys, mitigation specialists, investigators, and paralegals consistent with the current assignment
  • Attends Continuing Legal Education seminars

Working Conditions
The job requires the ability to work with traumatic subject matter (crime scenes, accidents, etc.), interruptions, time pressures, high volumes of work, handling multiple or complicated tasks, unscheduled tasks, frequently changing tasks, accuracy, decision making, concentration/vigilance, teamwork, working in close physical proximity with others, public contact, and overtime may be a common occurrence. May be required to lift 15-25 pounds from floor to waist; 15 pounds waist to shoulder or shoulder to overhead; carry 15-25 pounds 100 feet or push/pull 100 pounds 1000 feet. Work requires travel to and from job-related locations during a scheduled workday, subject to County policies regarding the use of County vehicles and/or private vehicles used on County business.

Selection Procedure

The Maricopa County Human Resources Department reserves the right to admit to the selection process only those candidates considered to be the most highly qualified. Those selected will be assessed based on the evaluation of listed education and experience. The hiring authority will interview and select the successful candidate from a list provided by Human Resources.

All offers of employment made to new hires and rehires at Maricopa County are contingent upon successful completion of a post-offer, pre-employment thorough background investigation. A background investigation is conducted on a current employee who changes to a Safety Sensitive Position or one having the potential for serious adverse impact on the integrity or efficiency of the County. These requirements do not pertain to employees of elected officials who undergo background investigation processes administered through their respective offices.

Typically, successful candidates are hired at a salary rate up to the midpoint of the range, based on relevant experience, internal equity, and budgetary allowances.

Maricopa County is an EEO/ADA Reasonable Accommodation Employer.

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