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I have known him as a next door neighbor and good close friend for 20 years and know his whole family intimately - mother, a published author, and father, a former outstanding St. Louis attorney. He is a native, born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He has a superior legal education, including excellent knowledge and interpretation of constitutional law and a wealth of U.S. Supreme Court opinions, reads extensively of American and European history, the Greek classics, has a serious well-developed intellectual attitude toward political, moral, and philosophical questions, has quick wit and sense of humor, an easy and perceptive conversationalist, has practiced criminal defense, financial state and SEC regulatory, and real estate law, worked for the offices of state atty's gen'ls ,and is a graduate of Stanford Law School. He is very energetic, personable, polite, reliable, returns calls and inquiries promptly, and would be an excellent asset to an individual and organization who would enlist his experienced legal services.

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