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How should I protect my brand online?

Some guidelines for protecting your brand online.

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As you develop your stream and your audience grows, you are building up value in your brand and the name, logo and other assets that represent your brand. It is possible to obtain protection for these assets by registering a trademark.

Proper use of your trademark by you is important to its protection. The quality of the goods and services must be maintained for consumer confidence and for strengthening the trademark. You should not weaken your trademarks by using many alterations and blurring its distinctiveness. The more distinctive, the stronger the mark.

In addition, you can create a family of marks which keeps certain elements common among them. If these common elements become recognizable by the public as your trademarks, then you may receive broader protection for other marks that incorporate these same common elements.

Other things you can do to protect your trademark include:

  • Distinguish your logo from other words through bold styles or fonts;
  • Stylize the trademark and never stray from its style;
  • Don’t turn your company name or trademark into a verb;
  • Require others who use your trademark to only do so subject to a license
  • Be on the lookout for other companies using your trademark;
  • Send cease and desist letters to companies trying to use your trademark.