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Tech Transactions Counsel (20h / week)

Learn how a Technology & Entertainment company sourced part-time Tech Transactions Counsel through the network.


  • Name: Confidential
  • Industry: Technology & Entertainment
  • Employees: 2,500+


Allow the core team to focus on more strategic legal work.

Key Results

  • Resource:Tech Transactions Counsel (20 years of experience)
  • Added Capacity:20 hours / week for 3 months
  • All-in Hourly Rate:$200 / hour
  • Cost Savings Achieved:70% ($156,000)

Tools & Technologies

Ironclad, SalesForce


The legal team of a publicly traded Technology & Entertainment company was facing a spike in inbound procurement agreements, while also managing a number of new strategic projects.

With the team operating at full capacity, procurement agreements were ending up with outside counsel, at a considerable cost to the company.

The team required the support of an experienced legal professional who could help handle this volume at a fraction of the cost, without having to make a new full-time hire or guarantee 40 hours / week of work.

Solution performed a search for experienced counsel able to support the team with inbound procurement agreements, from reviewing and amending contracts to negotiating with counterparties.

By leveraging its diverse network of verified legal professionals, was able to identify and present two particularly well-suited candidates within two business days.

Following interviews the company proceeded to hire one of the candidates, a tech transactions attorney with 20+ years of relevant experience. This level of experience ensured that complex contracts were handled in an efficient and thorough manner, with minimal onboarding cost.

During the three-month project, the company was able to add the capacity it needed within a $50,000 budget, achieving $156,000 or 76% in cost savings compared to expected outside counsel spend, while streamlining its overall processes.

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