Senior Director of Privacy & Regulatory

H-E-BSan Antonio, TexasFull Time

H-E-B is one of the largest, independently owned food retailers in the nation operating over 425+ stores throughout Texas and Mexico, with annual sales generating over $38 billion. Described by industry experts as a daring innovator and smart competitor, H-E-B has led the way with creative new concepts, outstanding service and a commitment to diversity in our workforce, workplace and marketplace. H-E-B offers a wealth of career opportunities to our 145,000+ Partners (employees), competitive compensation and benefits program and comprehensive training that lead to successful careers.


** Responsible and accountable for company-wide strategy and compliance related to: (i) retail and consumer privacy, (ii) financial privacy; (iii) HIPAA and healthcare-related privacy, including employee benefits, pharmacy, and primary care; (iii) records management; (iv) subpoenas and private / governmental records requests; (v) coordination with data security team on technical security considerations; and (vi) other assigned privacy-related regulatory compliance needs.

Essential Functions / Process Responsibilities; other duties may be assigned as necessary

  • Incorporate privacy by design and compliance into the overall corporate strategy and culture
  • Provide guidance and organizational strategy to senior and business unit leaders
  • Advocate for key privacy and governmental affairs issues as deemed appropriate by senior leadership
  • Ensure all policies, procedures, systems, and standards of conduct are compliant with governmental statutes, rules, and regulations as relates to corporate privacy, healthcare privacy, and other selected compliance programs
  • Oversee and monitor all corporate privacy, healthcare privacy, and other select compliance programs, including maintenance and audits

Subject matter expert on:

  • Federal and State legal, regulatory and policy developments
  • Industry Privacy and Security regulatory standards and issues, including HIPAA
  • Consumer data and advertising standards; TCPA and telephone/email contact regulations

Must be able to:

  • Share relevant learnings with appropriate H-E-B partners; organize internal information sharing, education and training initiatives as appropriate
  • Work with legal counsel and corporate management, as appropriate, to respond to governmental, civil inquiries related to privacy and governmental regulatory activities and issues, as well as pending or threatened inquiries, audits, subpoenas or other legal actions
  • Serve as a liaison with Corporate Legal to prioritize and assist with contract negotiations, contract completion, and other legal matters related to privacy and governmental affairs
  • Represent H-E-B in appropriate professional organizations, associations and trade groups; advocating on behalf of H-E-B
  • Represent H-E-B before regulatory agencies to address inquiries or potential compliance violations.

**Education, Experience And Key Competencies

** Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • IAPP Information Privacy Professional Certification or equivalent
  • At least 10 years of experience in business, regulatory compliance, and/or privacy
  • Expert working knowledge and experience in privacy, data security, and record management regulatory and compliance laws, rules, and regulations

Deliver Effective Process Results

  • Proactively explore broad methods for improving process and performance across functional and organizational boundaries
  • Eliminate barriers to facilitate others' ability to deliver quality results
  • Ensure accountability for achieving broad business goals by understanding and delivering according to core processes
  • Create indicators, and management systems to monitor the organization's performance against goals

Focus on Customer

  • Align company strategies with customer needs
  • Leverage trends in food industry/healthcare/marketplaces to shape and approaches for the customer
  • Anticipate and deliver improvements based on trends in customer behavior

Foster teamwork

  • Identify talent needs to form highly effective teams
  • Build high performing teams by established operating and approaches to handling conflict and barriers
  • Lead by example in collaboration, teaming and supportiveness
  • Motivate and inspire the high performance contribution of teams

Build Trust

  • Create systems and processes that support organizational values and principles.
  • Handle different cultural expectations of trustworthy behavior
  • Make bold commitments and consistently deliver against them, being open and honest when commitments cannot be met
  • Establish an environment in which uncompromising integrity is the norm


  • Respond resourcefully and constructively to new demands, priorities, challenges, or obstacles (e.g., look for new solutions)
  • Foster a calming influence in others in tense or stressful situations
  • Lead others through failure or set back fostering their learning


  • Recognizes the broad, systemic implications of problems and issues
  • Analyzes current environment and future industry trends when examining issues.
  • Prioritizes initiatives to ensure that both short and long term organizational interests are effectively addressed

Drive for Results

  • Enthusiastically supports the organization and influence others to commit to and deliver against its mission and vision
  • Creates proactive strategies that address potential barriers to achieving business objectives
  • Creates an environment focusing on critical results using effective processes
  • Demonstrates strong urgency and respect for delivering results

Foster Open Communications

  • Develop processes and structures that ensure others have open access to the information necessary to support business goals
  • Create an environment that allows for the free flow of information internally and externally.
  • Create an environment for honest and open discussion of all topics, even controversial ones
  • Anticipates the competitive positions of key stakeholders and work to ensure their interests and needs are accommodated
  • Leads diverse group of stakeholders to reach common ground by directly focusing on disagreements and conflict management. Foster open and direct conversations
  • Exercises diplomacy in difficult interpersonal situations and in public forums
  • Creates an environment in which conflict is used to generate constructive solutions
  • Take into account all relevant issues, processes and stakeholders when making decisions
  • Make decisions that optimize organizational performance and deliver long-term strategy
  • Apply broad knowledge and deep expertise to address critical issues. Help others consider how decisions impact the process
  • Determine and lead the evolution of vision, strategy, culture and goals that leverage the core capabilities and competencies of the company
  • Shift the strategic direction of the organization when appropriate
  • Develop long-term competitive strategies focusing on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, capitalizing on emerging customer and market needs
  • Be an industry leader in influencing policy makers on behalf of HE-B
  • Provide insightful and motivating feedback to others based on their career interests and goals
  • Develop partners to their full potential by providing learning opportunities, specific coaching, and focused training
  • Create an organization that is viewed as an attractive place to work.
  • Identify and select people that demonstrate long-term organizational fit and sustained contribution

Key Competencies preferred

  • Advanced organization and project management skills
  • Effective communications skills in both written and direct interpersonal forms of expression
  • Demonstrated success in working complex issues with senior management utilizing highly developed influencing skills

**Physical And Other Requirements

  • Function in a fast-paced, retail, office environment
  • Sit for an extended period of time
  • Work extended hours

Updated: 08-2023


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