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Litigation Paralegal

$56,000- $70,000
Posted Jul 03
Morgan Hill, California


  • Assist attorneys with all phases of litigation, including trial preparation and document management.
  • Conduct legal research and gathered relevant case law, statutes, and regulations.
  • Draft and file pleadings, motions, and other court documents in accordance with court rules and procedures.
  • Organize and maintain case files, ensuring all documents were up-to-date and easily accessible.
  • Manage discovery processes, including drafting discovery requests, responses, and managing document production.
  • Coordinate with clients, witnesses, and experts to schedule interviews, depositions, and trial appearances.
  • Prepare trial exhibits, witness lists, and other necessary materials for court proceedings.
  • Summarize depositions, trial transcripts, and other legal documents for attorney review.
  • Monitor case deadlines and ensured timely filing of all necessary documents.
  • Utilize legal software and databases for case management and document preparation.
  • Assist with the preparation and submission of electronic court filings (e-filing).
  • Conduct client interviews and maintained regular communication to update them on case progress.
  • Prepare and review legal correspondence and documentation for accuracy and compliance.
  • Support attorneys during trial, including coordinating logistics and managing exhibits and evidence.
  • Perform administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, managing calendars, and maintaining billing record.

Qualifications: Experience with legal research and case management.

Pay range and compensation package: