raises $11.6M Series A led by Tiger Global

Banner of two astronauts with the text Legal Careers Launched Here, the enterprise marketplace for legal talent and technology, has raised a $11.6M Series A round led by Tiger Global.

Tiger has invested in companies like Airbnb, Coinbase, and Facebook, and they're familiar with how crucial legal talent is to the success or failure of game-changing companies.

We believe Tiger is the perfect partner for the next stage of's growth, and we're excited to share why we raised and how we intend to use this capital to build the future of legal work.'s Mission

In 2019, we embarked on a journey to reinvent the way companies hire top legal talent. Today, in-house teams at leading enterprises such as Medallia, Nextdoor, and Zoom Video Communications Inc. rely on to hire legal professionals for temporary and permanent roles. We connect legal professionals and propel their career forward.

There's a record 60,000+ open legal positions in the US, and even the best companies struggle to hire for these roles due to a limited talent pool, slow hiring processes, and a mismatch in factors such as skills and compensation. We're transforming a process that is inefficient and opaque into one based on quality, speed, and data. is the launchpad for legal careers, matching attorneys, paralegals, contract management, trust & safety, and legal operations professionals to flexible and full-time opportunities at some of the world's most exciting companies, with a level of precision that only a vertical-specific marketplace can provide.


At our core, we believe that legal professionals can be a powerful force for positive change in society, technology, and innovation.

We've been fortunate to work with companies building the future of decentralized finance, communication, transportation, logistics, and biotech (to name a few) and the legal function sits at the core of these organizations. Whether it's commercial counsel, product counsel, or regulatory counsel - legal matters.

If entrepreneurs are the catalyst for change, legal professionals are the stewards of innovation. exists to support them throughout their career.

Why Now?

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. Across industries, talented professionals have more flexibility than ever to find the roles and organizations that align best with their experience and goals.

In-house teams and law firms are going remote and distributed first, which is empowering a new generation of legal talent to craft their own unique path, forgoing traditional career trajectories that have long dominated the profession.

Specifically, we believe the future of legal work will be:

  1. Flexible. The World's best legal teams are no longer constrained by geography or traditional concepts of work. Increasingly, candidates seek out flexible and remote opportunities; like the attorney who worked 20 hours / week for a top-tier tech company from the comfort of his hotel in Fiji (true story). That's just one example of the future we're empowering.
  2. Transparent. The legal market is notoriously opaque and it is hard to find good data on talent and compensation. We believe in a future where legal professionals of all walks of life have access to a wide range of opportunities and salary transparency is the norm rather than the exception.
  3. Community Driven. In a world that is rapidly becoming remote-first and decentralized; community will become more important than ever. is building the platform that enables this flexible, transparent, and community driven future of legal work.

The Next 2 Years

In 2021 we achieved 4.5x year-over-year revenue growth, grew our network to over 7,500 legal professionals, and had the privilege to launch some incredible legal careers into their next big opportunity.

Our Series A unlocks the next stage of our growth. In other words - lift off. 🚀

We're growing our core team from 10 to 30 this year to expand our talent marketplace and grow our community of legal professionals. We're hiring for several positions to support our sales, recruiting and community efforts. As a remote-first company, we're hiring talented individuals across the United States to join our team.

The Next 20 Years

We believe that good things take time. Truly transformative companies think in decades, not quarters.

In 20 years, our vision is for to be the go-to source for every legal hiring decision. We look forward to supporting millions of legal professionals globally by connecting them to insightful data; a supportive community of peers, and their next big opportunity.

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