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Find the best fit for any full-time or part-time legal role, with optional temp-to-hire.
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The problem

Legal departments and law firms have to compete for the best legal talent, and finding highly skilled employees can be time consuming and costly.

The solution provides access to a network of highly skilled, pre-evaluated job candidates ready to begin working right away.

We take time to get to know your unique needs and ensure they know exactly what you're looking for. We'll ask about job responsibilities, your company culture and other requirements, to help you find the best match.

Our temp-to-hire option is appealing for legal departments looking to onboard legal talent on a temporary basis before making a full-time hiring decision. supported our HR department in finding the perfect lawyer to join our team and support our rapidly growing compliance needs. We interviewed several of the candidates they presented and ended up making a hire in less than one month. Highly recommended!”

Hire for any legal role

Access a highly qualified and diverse pool of top legal talent across a wide variety of legal roles.

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Experienced lawyers ready to help you meet your business goals faster.


Legal Operations

Maximize the capabilities of your legal team by streamlining legal operations.


Contract Management

Unlock the value in your contracts and decrease turnaround time.


Trust & Safety

Protect your customers and create fair and safe places to interact.



Hire experienced paralegals for your legal department or law firm.




Our team of experienced legal recruiters conducts a tech-enabled, targeted search for each role. We only present a limited number of highly qualified candidates to our clients.


We typically present candidates within 3 - 5 business days of a confirmed Scope of Work, and routinely support more time-sensitive business needs.


By leveraging our talent platform, community, and data we are able to deliver superior results for our clients, at rates that are often 15% to 20% lower than traditional staffing companies


We strive to make every interaction with our team quick, transparent, and seamless, and aim to be a trusted vendor that is friendly, non-intrusive and easy to work with.


We take pride in our key role in supporting our clients’ D&I programs. Since 2019, 64% of the legal professionals we placed were women and 42% were diverse candidates.


We take a long-term view to the relationships we build, acting as a resource for legal professionals in our network and support them throughout their legal career.

Flexilibity provides its clients with the ability to ramp up and down as business needs require, and is able to support predictable and less predictable workloads.


The depth of our network allows us to holistically serve the needs of our customers across a wide variety of roles, from attorneys to legal operations.


Global Reach

With more than 15k+ legal professionals in the U.S. and beyond, is one of the world's largest legal services networks serving enterprises in the US and globally.

Map of the United States that has professionals in

Hire the best legal talent is building the world's leading legal talent network. We make it easy to quickly find and hire highly qualified and diverse legal professionals that seamlessly integrate into your organization and help you get the job done.

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