eNotary Software


By World Wide Notary

DigaSign is a simple internet-based eNotary service to help users speed up the legitimate notarization process.


By DocVerify

DocVerify allows users to securely sign, store and manage 100% legally binding documents within a hosted platform.

eNotary Log

By eNotary Log

eNotaryLog is an online account-based safe and cost-effective way to get documents notarized. After a user verifies their identity they can upload a document, and get it notarized with one of the trained in-house notaries.



eNotaryDoX provides seamlessly integrated digital signatures in a platform. The API helps users to sidestep the risks and costs associated with paper-based workflows.


By Notarize

Notarize allows users to legally notarize a document online. Using the app, users register, prove identity and fill out a document before having it signed by a live agent.


By NotaryCam

NotaryCam works to streamline the process between users and notarizing documents. The platform allows users to digitally meet face-to-face with a signer and notary.


By NotaryLive

NotaryLive is an online service with over 400k notaries in 145+ countries across any compatible device.


By Accurate Group

NotaryWorks is an electronic documentation, eSignature, and eNotarization software most often used for real estate matters. It is compliant with CFPB regulations.


By Legal Shield

Shake allows users to create, sign and send legal agreements via their online web app.


By SafeDocs

Safedocs has a simple and secure, online platform which helps to minimize time and costs associated with the notary process.