Introverts: Strategies For A Successful Job Search

Looking for a new job can be an arduous process for anyone. Introverts might find the process particularly taxing due to the energy it takes to network, get in touch with firms, and interview. To help focus your effort, here are four strategies introverts can use to ensure job search success.

Introverts: Strategies For A Successful Job Search

Schedule Accordingly

During your job search, be honest with yourself about what kind of schedule works best for you. If you need a certain amount of time between interviews to do something that helps collect your thoughts and center your mindset, then build this into your day to avoid depleting your energy. It’s also important to understand what time of day brings out your highest energy level. Perhaps you do your best work in the afternoon. Scheduling an interview during this time would work in your favor.

Start a Specific Self-Care Routine

In addition to taking breaks during the day, it’s a good idea to design a self-care routine you can use to prepare you for your job search. Ask yourself: ‘What type of activity will be most beneficial?’. Maybe you do your best work if you’ve gotten a run in at the start of your day. Or perhaps taking some time to read a book will mentally prepare you for your work. Whatever it is, make sure it allows you to recharge!

Get the Conversation Going

Despite their job description, not all hiring managers are extroverts. To help bring the conversation to a comfortable and productive balance, use your active listening skills to invite them to participate. Along with your pre-interview research, compile a list of questions you can ask during your interview to build rapport and a natural conversational flow. You’ll add to your great first impression and learn more about the job when you ask questions and follow-ups. Be to show genuine interest in their answers as well!

Embrace Small Talk

Introverts tend to steer clear of small talk, but in your job search it can be a vital skill. Putting aside whatever emotional response you might have towards small talk, try to focus on the benefits it can bring to your search. Small talk is a system of trust that can help two people connect and agree on the “rules” of an interaction. For example, it can help you and your interviewer learn you have the same sense of humor. This can be valuable throughout the interview as a means of continuous rapport.  

With these strategies in mind and your own drive to find your dream job, there’s no doubt you’ll be successful! Whatever you do, find the opportunity to show who you are in your interviews. 

And remember, being an introvert is not a weakness no matter the industry. It’s simply an aspect of your unique self.

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