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90 Seconds of Legal Operations: Stephanie Corey

Stephanie Corey is General Partner and Co-Founder at UpLevel Ops. Stephanie discusses cross-pollination across the legal operations ecosystem.

90 Seconds of Legal Operations: Stephanie Corey
My name is Stephanie Corey and I've been doing legal ops for a long time. I started back at HP in 1999 when they needed somebody to really get their arms around their outside counsel spend which was growing at an astronomical rate and then a job just kept growing and
growing so I spent 11 years there and was promoted to chief of staff at one point and that's when I started the CLOC organization because I knew that there had to be others out there who were struggling with these same issues.
Where do you see legal ops professionals coming from?
They are coming from IT, they are coming from finance, sometimes from HR. But they're also coming from sometimes law firms, and so, which is interesting because I'm starting to see legal ops professionals from in-house teams go to law firms. Finally, and I feel like this should have happened a long time ago, we're starting to see some of that cross-pollination of the law firm folks going in-house, and in-house folks going to law firms, because I think that there should be more overlap and we're seeing those hybrid roles coming in.
A perfect example is, we just helped one of our clients hire this paralegal from a law firm who's like this superstar project manager there and so this person she will be doing some substantive legal work because the ops work isn't necessarily going to fill all of her time. So now the GC can rely on her to review contracts and do some substantive legal work.
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