The 5 Most Watched Law Insider Contract Tear-downs

In the Law Insider Contract Teardown, Law Insider invites contract experts to dive into the details of notable contracts. We take a look at the most popular episodes.

The 5 Most Watched Law Insider Contract Tear-downs

In its Contract Teardown show, Law Insider breaks down the details of contracts from well known companies and individuals for your viewing pleasure. These are the 5 most popular tear-downs to date:


1. Kanye West's Contract in Plain English

Ross and Mike dig into Kanye’s request for plain language drafting and whether it’s even realistic. They talk about differentiating between archaic language that’s necessary and archaic language you should cut, as well as tools you can use to identify that language and examples of a couple of companies tackling the issue. Ross describes a counselor that can thread this very tough plain language needle. Law Insider tears it down.

2. The Harvey Weinstein Clause

The Harvey Weinstein clause helps companies manage the risk of large sexual-harassment settlements and public relations disasters. Miami Law Professor Marcia Narine Weldon takes us through several examples of companies who reduced their risk by making the other side represent that sexual-harassment claims will not be an issue.

3. Salesforce's Master Service Agreement

In this episode, media, tech, and entertainment lawyer Darlene Tonelli breaks down the Salesforce Master Service Agreement. As former in-house counsel, Darlene focuses on the client’s jobs to be done and whether the terms in a contract and their relationships accomplish those jobs. Darlene looks at the Master Service Agreement as a whole story rather than just a collection of terms. That’s a great vision to account for risks in a holistic way and to better advise clients. #TearDown

4. Microsoft Indemnification Clause

In this episode, Eric Drattell, general counsel at Roostify, tears down Microsoft's Indemnification Clause. A must watch for lawyers that want to hone their skills when it comes to this particular clause.

5. Robinhood Financial's Customer Agreement

In this episode, the founder of, Joshua Browder, argues that Robinhood Financial’s customer agreement is harmful to consumers. He goes point-by-point—from pricing changes to data selling to arbitration clauses—and invites consumers to join class actions against Robinhood and similar companies. It’s an interesting time with Reddit users driving huge trade volume, and contracts are at the center of it, so Law Insider tears it down.

Bonus: Walmart's 10-K (2020) 

In this episode, Mitchell Hamline law professor Jen Reise tells us about Walmart’s most recent 10-K filing with the SEC. A must for lawyers interested in taking a closer look at public company filings. Law Insider tears it down. 


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