March 17, 2023 Edition #151

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March 17, 2023 Edition #151


BigTech Could See Even More Layoffs - After the recent bank collapses which marked a concerning moment for tech, a D.A. Davidson Analyst says the recent bank collapses could point to more trouble ahead for the tech industry

TikTok CEO Questioned By US House Committee - Shou Chew testified Thursday before the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce and was questioned on TikTok's consumer privacy and data security practices amid growing national security concerns.

Post-Pandemic Wellness Report - Deloitte put together a groundbreaking new report called The Workforce Well-being Imperative featuring the idea that we must drastically broaden our notions of well-being and how to measure well-being maturity.

Four Women Who Went Public With Pay Gap Stories - Following the recent news that several US states are now adopting pay transparency laws, four women share their stories (and outcomes) about salary inequity. 

Bill Gates on ChatGPT - The tech mogul says the rise of AI is "as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, personal computer, internet and mobile phone."

Former BigLaw attorney gets 1 year suspension for insider trading. The former Cozen O’Connor attorney agreed to a one-year suspension of his law license for using information that he learned as an attorney to buy stock in advance of a merger.

Jack Daniels Vs. Bad Spaniels - The US Supreme Court heard a case in which the Tennessee whiskey company is attempting to stop production and marketing of a chewy dog toy called Bad Spaniels which features a bottle shaped like a Jack Daniel's bottle with "Bad Spaniels" on the label.

Join us for another episode of our Community Spotlight Series as Jane Stahl, GC at Shaw Industries, talks with Pieter Gunst, CEO of, about her career journey, her penchant for litigation and how empathy is crucial when it comes to enterprise legal department success

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