May 26, 2023 Edition #160

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May 26, 2023 Edition #160


Meta Fined Record $1.3B by EU Regulators - Announced by Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC), the fine is for the transfer of data collected from users in the EU to the US, and is the largest penalty since the EU implemented GDPR. 

Thomson Reuters Announces Generative AI Integration - TR recently announced plans to invest $100M/year in AI, including generative AI across its flagship products in the second half of this year; revealing its working with Microsoft 365 Copilot across its productivity suite.

CLOC: Showcases New Legal Tech Tools - Last week, the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) conference in Las Vegas saw new tech involving ways to evaluate law firm proposals, centralize in-house legal requests, and analyze agreements

Spellbook Legal Secures $10.9M in Funding - The AI "copilot for lawyers" announced the funding round was led by Moxxie Ventures with Thomson Reuters Ventures, Inovia Capital, The LegalTech Fund, and others. 

Survey: Over Half of Lawyers Say ChatGPT Should Be Used for Legal Work - In a recent Thomson Reuters survey, 82% of 440 lawyers at large and mid-size law firms in the UK, US, and Canada agreed that ChatGPT and other generative AI tools could be applied to their day-to-day legal work (with just 7% stating it could not be applied and 10% saying they were unsure). 

State Bar of California: Proposal for Bar Exam Bypass Should be Pursued - The State Bar of California's board of trustees asked members of a blue-ribbon commission who backed a proposal to bypass the bar exam to develop their proposals further.

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