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Assistant City Attorney

City of Lakeland
Posted Aug 30
Full Time

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Assistant City Attorney


$81,320.87 - $151,042.23 Annually


Lakeland, FL

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Full Time Regular

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City Attorney


Legal 0013000000

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**General Description Of Class

** This is highly responsible professional, administrative, and supervisory work providing legal advice, counsel, and representation to the City. Under the direction of the City Attorney, advises elected, appointed, executive, and senior management personnel on legal matters, including various highly complex legal matters. Duties include representing the City in civil lawsuits, preparing and presenting cases in appellate courts, and supervising paraprofessional and secretarial employees. Work is performed under the general direction of the City Attorney and is reviewed through conferences, analysis of records, and results achieved.

**Essential Functions And Additional Functions

  • Advises department heads and employees on legal questions.
  • Prepares legal opinions and memoranda, gathers facts, checks investigation reports, reviews files, and answers correspondence.
  • Prepares ordinances, resolutions, contracts, leases, legal opinions, and memoranda as assigned by the City Attorney.
  • Negotiates terms and conditions of agreements and drafts written contracts.
  • Participates in the preparation of assigned State and Federal cases for trial; takes depositions, prepares briefs and pleadings, and supervises necessary investigations.
  • Tries cases and appeals adverse judgments to higher court when authorized by the City Commission.
  • Attends City Commission and board meetings as assigned.
  • Drafts and presents legislative bills to local delegation.
  • Represents the City Attorney in the absence of the City Attorney and Deputy City Attorney.
  • Explains and interprets ordinances and the status of various cases to the general public.
  • Evaluates settlement opportunities in litigation.
  • Assigns, directs, motivates, and supervises subordinate paraprofessional and clerical staff in a manner conducive to high performance and morale.
  • Participates in continuing legal education programs and seminars to improve skills and broaden the attorney’s experience and ability.
  • Maintains effective working relationships.
  • Studies and keeps abreast of court decisions, administrative decisions, legislation, and problems pertaining to local government laws and related matters.
  • Meets with City staff, citizens, and private attorneys to achieve conflict resolution.
  • May be required to work additional or alternate hours as necessary for the efficient operation of the department.
  • Performs related work as required.


  • Position may be designated as Mission Critical.

**Qualifications (education, Training And Experience) And Special Requirements

  • Law Degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association.
  • Member in good standing of the Florida Bar.
  • Three (3) years of progressively responsible legal experience.

**Special Requirements

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Must maintain a valid telephone number.

**Knowledge, Skills, Abilities And Working Environment/Physical Requirements

  • Extensive knowledge of the City of Lakeland’s Ordinances, Charter provisions, and state, Federal, and Constitutional Law.
  • Extensive knowledge of judicial procedures, rules of evidence, and legal research methods.
  • Thorough knowledge of established precedents and sources of legal reference applicable to municipal activities.
  • Ability to interpret and apply legal principles and precedents in resolving complex legal problems.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to negotiate effectively.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other officials, employees of the City, county, state and federal governments, and the general public.
  • Ability to effectively manage several assignments concurrently and prioritize effectively.
  • Ability to effectively supervise others.
  • Ability to effectively manage and resolve conflict while mitigating liability and risk to the City.

**Working Environment/Physical Requirements

  • Requires sedentary work that involves walking or standing some of the time, exerting up to ten (10) pounds of force regularly, and routine keyboard operations.
  • The job risks exposure to no significant environmental hazards.
  • The job requires normal visual acuity, field of vision, hearing, speaking, color perception, sense of taste, sense of smell, depth perception, and texture perception.

All City of Lakeland positions are subject to testing (e.g. written, oral, performance, computerized, interview, and/or any combination). Candidates selected for testing will be notified via email or telephone. Please check your e-mail and telephone messages regularly, including "junk" folders. Test times and locations to be announced.


City of Lakeland

2023 Summary Sheet

Annual Leave

Annual leave is accumulated bi-weekly and based upon years of service as follows:

Annual leave may be taken as earned by employees hired after January 1, 1989. Employees hired prior to that date use annual leave within the calendar year following the year the leave is earned. All employees may carry over up to a maximum of twenty (20) days at the end of the calendar year. Regular part-time employees who work at least twenty (20) hours per week accrue annual leave at the rate of four (4) hours per month.*

Sick Leave

Sick rate is accrued biweekly based upon years of service and standard hour classification. Eligible for use as soon as earned. Regular part-time employees who work at least twenty (20) hours per week accrue sick leave at the rate of four (4) hours per month.

  • NOTE: REGULAR employees with a working day other than eight (8) hours, please contact your supervisor regarding these policies.

Sick Leave Pool

Allows employees to receive sick leave benefits in cases involving catastrophic or long-term illnesses or injuries after all personal leave time has been depleted. Regular full-time employees contribute eight (8) hours and Regular part-time employees contribute four (4) hours on an annual basis. Employees must have completed one full year of service on or before December 31st of the calendar year enrollment; and have accumulated at least forty (40) hours of sick time (twenty (20) hours for Regular part-time employees). Participation in this program is voluntary.

For more information contact Amanda Kaiser at 834-8768

Family & Medical Leave

Federal legislation guarantees up to twelve (12) weeks per year off work under certain circumstances outlined in the policy manual. The employees must have been employed by the City for at least twelve (12) months and have at least 1,250 hours of service during the 12-month period before the requested leave. The City will continue its group life and health insurance for an employee on leave at the same level and under the same conditions that existed while the employee was working.

For more information contact Dawn Justice at 834-6038.

Pension Plan

Provision for retirement income requiring mandatory participation for full-time regular employees.

**Defined Benefit Plan

** Plan C Employee 3.08%

Employer 16.67%


**Defined Contribution Plan

** Executives, New Hires aged 52 and older, and Fire/Police Recruits

Employee 8.5% or 11% per election upon hire

Employer 15.39%

**Deferred Compensation 457 Plan

** A voluntary plan that is invested in mutual funds. The Employees' Pension Board performs the due diligence on the mutual funds. Employees may reallocate their account at any time.

Maximum contribution for 2023 is $22,500; employees aged 50 or older can also add a "catch-up" amount of $7,500. Additionally, a match of up to 5% of salary is offered by the City in Plan C.


Eleven (11) holidays, includes one (1) personal floating holiday to be used at any time after three (3) months of employment and prior to the end of the calendar year.

Funeral Leave

Up to three (3) days off with pay due to death of an immediate family member (as defined in the policy manual). Up to four (4) hours off with pay may be obtained through supervisor approval to attend local funeral services of persons other than immediate family.

Jury/Witness Duty

Employees required to serve on jury duty will be relieved of responsibility for their regular work shift or portion thereof and receive full pay while serving. All fees received for such service may be retained by the employee. Employees subpoenaed to any civil or criminal court proceeding, which employee is not personally or monetarily interested, shall be paid as if engaged in regular work activities.

Military Leave

Allows for up to 240 hours in any one calendar year for annual military training without loss of pay or benefits for any employee in some type of reserve status for the United States Armed Forces. (see policy manual for additional information).

Maternity Leave

Refer to Family & Medical Leave for those employees who qualify. Others may take up to three (3) months leave of absence available upon approval of the Department Head. Employees may opt to utilize any combination of paid (sick or annual leave) or unpaid leave.

Leave of Absence Without Pay

Written requests are subject to approval by Department Head and City Manager or designee for less than ninety (90) days. Requests for more than ninety (90) days also require Civil Service Board approval for employees in a Civil Service classification.

Longevity Pay

Tuition Reimbursement

Program provides employees up to $2,500 per fiscal year (October 1 through September 30) for reimbursement of tuition of approved college, university, vocational, or correspondence classes upon completion with a grade of "C" or better in credit courses only. Full reimbursement is given for courses and fees, upon approval. The program does not include reimbursement for cost of books, supplies or other related expenses.

For more information, contact Sue Cook at 834-6844.

Suggestion Awards

A program designed to provide a consistent and organized method for employees to submit and be rewarded for constructive ideas for improvement. Maximum award is $1000.

For additional information, contact Kathy McNelis at 834-6348.

Direct Deposit of Paycheck (refer to handout in new employee folder)

An account must be established with the institution of your choice prior to signing up for direct deposit.


Uniforms issued at no cost to employees for those job classifications which require them. Equipment is issued to employees at either no cost or discounted cost depending upon job classification.


Free while at work.

Break Periods

Employees may be permitted two (2), fifteen (15) minute breaks during the workday. The time shall be at the discretion of the supervisor.

For Information on Health Insurance, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance please contact Benefits at 834-6797.

For Information on Retirement Benefits, contact the Retirement Services Department at 834-8765 or 834-8797.

For Information on Firefighter and Police Officer Retirement Benefits, contact Foster & Foster at 239-333-4872.


Do you possess a Law Degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association?

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Are you a member in good standing of the Florida Bar?

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Do you have three (3) years progressively responsible legal experience?

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  • No


Please provide a narrative supporting your answer to the above question. Be sure to include specific job title(s), job duties, organization(s) and the dates where the work was performed. Note: The employers and dates of employment you list here must also be included in the "Work Experience" section of this job application.


By clicking "Yes" below, I understand that all relevant work experience MUST be entered in the "Work Experience" section on my application. In addition, all current City of Lakeland employees must list all previous City of Lakeland work experience in the "Work Experience" section of the application. Failure to complete the "Work Experience" section will disqualify you from the application process.

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City of Lakeland, Civil Service


500 N Lake Parker Avenue Lakeland, Florida, 33801




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