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Remote Paralegal / Legal Assistant ($30000.00 - $48000.00 / year)
Posted Feb 06
Full Time

Employer Industry: Real Estate Management

Why Consider This Job Opportunity

  • Competitive annual salary based on experience, ranging between $30,000-$48,000/year
  • Performance and volume-based incentive opportunities, approximately $5,000-$15,000/year
  • Full ancillary benefits package through MetLife, valued at approximately $800/year
  • 401k retirement plan with company match
  • Health Insurance Assistance Program, valued at approximately $3,000/year
  • Two weeks paid vacation within the first year of employment

What To Expect (Job Responsibilities)

  • Support General Counsel in gathering, organizing, and preparing documents/presentations relating to active CLI matters
  • Schedule and prepare for meetings with Property Owners, AFI Staff, and other Stakeholders/Legal Teams
  • Investigate case-specifics of any open items at the direction of General Counsel
  • Collaborate with AFI Operations Team regarding the implementation of best practice SOP for Risk Management
  • Train other Paralegal Team Members as the Department continues to expand

What Is Required (Qualifications)

  • Exceptionally organized and able to handle multiple projects at once with concurrent deadlines
  • Positive attitude with strong teamwork skills
  • Excellent written/verbal communication
  • Prior experience in similar Paralegal roles preferred
  • Certification or Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies preferred
  • Must provide a list of 2-3 professional references

How To Stand Out (Preferred Qualifications)

  • 0-2 years of experience as a Paralegal or in a similar role in the legal field

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