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Lawyer (Expert AI Trainer)

iMerit Technology
Posted May 29

iMerit , a leader in AI training, is announcing an open call for Expert AI Trainers with excellent written and Verbal communication skills in English, interested in developing helpful, honest, and harmless AI responses to diverse user prompts. If you are a Lawyer, Mathematician or a Philosopher with 8+ years of experience and interested in the evolution of Generative AI, we invite you to collaborate with us in developing a set of ideal AI responses and reasoning tests to train a Large Language Model (LLM) / AI Agent.

Help us make AI Agents better at helping humans with creative tasks, advice, reasoning, and problem solving. Our current campaign seeks new members to contribute 40 hours/week on an ongoing basis for a competitive hourly rate.

You may be selected to participate in specific workstreams, depending on your expertise and interests:

Writing ideal AI responses to provided prompts in different Workstreams:

1. Mathematics a. Algebra, trigonometry, calculus b. Pure math, proofs c. Statistics, probability d. Game theory 2. Spatial, temporal, and physical reasoning 3. Philosophy a. Thought experiments b. Formal logic c. Application of ethical principles 4 . Law a. Interpreting contracts, statutes, evidence 5. Pragmatics and social reasoning a. Humor interpretation b. Social norms c. Empathy and perspective taking 6. Evidence evaluation a. Evidence evaluation, hypothesis testing, deductive reasoning, etc. 7. Riddles and puzzles