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Zendoc Overview

Zendoc is the new-generation document automation solution that enables business teams to enhance their current workflow through actionable insights. Zendoc was founded in 2019 by Laurent Lathieyre, a serial tech entrepreneur, and Olivier Colle, a senior software engineer and entrepreneur.

Zendoc was created by a team of tech veterans and accelerated by Techstars Seattle, the leading global platform for investment and innovation.

Our mission is to help teams locate their documents easily, find information quickly, and stay on top of their obligations with improved efficiency. With our friendly UX design, no-code technology, and popular integrations, we empower your team to turn every document into actionable data, giving you back control and visibility at every crucial moment.

With Zendoc you can:

✓ Retrieve and locate documents automatically.
✓ Collaborate with team members to view, manage and organize contracts.
✓ Connect to popular integrations (Gmail, Dropbox, Box, + more) and access your docs anywhere and anytime.
✓ Supports 60+ file types, including poorly scanned documents.




Document Automation

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