Newsletter - November 12, 2021

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LegalZoom Acquires Earth Class Mail - the virtual mailbox provider was acquired as part of LegalZoom's portfolio of subscription services for small businesses. More here.

Most-Cited Legal Scholars List - The list of the 50 most cited US legal scholars of all time contains well-known names but only two women are featured. More here

FiscalNote Makes Plans to File for IPO - the legal and regulatory data platform plans to SPAC at a valuation of $1.3B. It's stated post-IPO strategy is to make buyouts across the market. More here

Law Students Report Pandemic-Related Exhaustion - a Survey of 13k law students shows the impact of the pandemic as they struggle to pay their bills, buy food and general anxiety. More here

Yale Law Dean Calls for New Curriculum - Dean Heather Gerken is helping the Ivy League law school to better prepare students with new courses in accounting, statistics, corporate finance, big data, globalization, and 'emerging issues related to technological change'. More here.

Harvard Law has received a $10M donation from the Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law and Policy to help its animal law program. More here.

Florida Bar Board of Governors Rejects Non-Lawyer Ownership - the board unanimously voted in opposition of both allowing non-lawyer ownership as well as changes to rules governing advertising and fee splitting regulations. More here.

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