Newsletter - October 28, 2022

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Apply Will Comply With iPhone USB-C Charger Law 
- Apple's senior VP of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, confirmed the company will comply with the EU's new USB-C mandate. The law states all phones sold in its member countries will use the connector if they have a physical charger. More here. 

BigLaw Taps Underserved High Schools for Next Generation of Diverse Lawyers 
- To help move the legal industry towards diversity, Thrive's Law Pathway (started in 2020) has partnered with legal industry strategist Peter Zeughauser and 'a handful of BigLaw firms' to help create a group of 129 scholars for its first year. More here.  

Virtual Law Firms See Post-Pandemic Growth 
- Alternative firms like FisherBroyles, Rimon Law, and Taylor English offer legal professionals virtual offices which help keep compensation up and overhead costs down. More here

The European General Court shielded OLAF From Liability - OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office was protected from liability for the infringement of data protection rules, departing from ECJ case law and widely accepted legal principles in EU data protection law. More here.

Tech Layoffs Seem To Be Slowing Down - The biggest tech trend in 2022 has been layoffs. According to data tracker, 780+ companies cut a portion of their staff this year, impacting at least 92,500 people. This same data suggests staff cuts have decreased with September seeing half the number of layoff events as August. More here

FTS Proposed Sanctions Against Drizly - The Uber-owned alcohol delivery app and its CEO, James Cory Rellas, are under fire this week after the company exposed 2.5M customers' personal information in a computer security blunder. More here

The Billion-Dollar Tech Unicorn is Becoming Rare Again - With employee layoffs, CEO resignations, and belt-tightenings from the economic shifts this year, Q3 has only seen 25 companies reach the coveted Unicorn status (a year ago, there was more than five times as many new billion-dollar companies). More here.

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