Newsletter - December 16, 2022 Edition #137

Published weekly on Friday, the Newsletter covers the latest in legal, talent & tech. Newsletter - December 16, 2022 Edition #137


Seyfarth Elects Firms' First Woman Chair - Lorie Almon has become the firm's next chair and managing partner, a first in 77 years of operations. She will take Pete Miller's place as he prepared to step down next year. More here

FTX CEO Arrested Over Fraud - Sam Bankman waived his right to fight extradition to the US after being arrested this week for federal charges of wire fraud, conspiracy and other allegations. More here

DoNotPay Joins GPT-3 Trend - The consumer rights and legal claims platform is embracing the new AI trend with an announcement that the company will also deploy the same tech to allow the AI to 'talk' to the GPT-3 AI. More here

Litigation Support Trends - US Legal Support conducted a multi-week survey this year on litigation support, including the top tech priorities for law firms in 2023 with data management/retention strategies, eDiscovery/document review platforms, and matter management software options topping the list. More here.  

US Lawmakers Create Bipartisan Bid to Ban TikTok - the legislation seeks to ban the social media app amid growing fears from the government that the app could be used to spy on Americans and censor content. More here

Taylor Swift Copyright Accusers Drop 'Shake It Off' Lawsuit - After five years of litigation, a joint filing made in California's federal court stated both sides have agreed to end the case without seeking a final verdict. More here

Meta Unplugs Connectivity Division - The parent company has reabsorbed the resources of its "Connectivity" division after 10 years of Facebook's experimental internet and telecoms efforts using satellites, drones and apps. More here

Law School Diversity - With 9 top law schools no longer taking part in the US News Rankings, and the ABA moving to end LSAT requirements, law schools may see a more diverse student body. More here

Greetings from the Fediverse! Franklin Graves, Technology Counsel at HCA Healthcare wrote a thought piece about the legal issues in decentralized social media. Read it here. 

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