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Treasury Reveals Proposals to Regulate Cryptocurrency - Following widespread calls for action after the collapse of FTX and the fall of Bitcoin, the Treasury is promising a 'robust' approach to digital assets regulation consistent with traditional finance. More here

Social Media Companies in US Brace for Legal Challenges - The onslaught of new state and federal legislation and legal challenges with far-reaching regulatory implications will come to a head this year as the majority of US state legislatures are introducing or passing bills for social media reform. More here

FTX Fines GoodRx for Privacy Violations - The drug discount and price-shopping company has sent 'tens of millions' of users personal data to data brokers as well as tech companies like Meta and Google to use for advertising. The FTC has fined the company $1.5M. More here.  

NFT Trademark Trial: Hermès Against MetaBirkin Artist - The French luxury design house has an upcoming trademark trial against digital artist Mason Rothschild. It is the first case of exploring the boundaries of artistic expression and how nonfungible tokens are viewed in IP law. More here

Nike Sues Lululemon - Nike is claiming that some of the athleisure brand's new shoes infringe on its patents related to their Flyknit technology. More here

SnapChat Class-Action Lawsuit - The social media app is being sued by more than 50 families with children who have all died from fentanyl received via their Snap connections. More here

AI-Powered Lawyer Won't Argue in Courts - A "robot" lawyer powered by AI technology was set to represent a client in a traffic ticket trial this month, but the experiment has been scrapped after State Bar prosecutors' threatened Joshua Browder, CEO of DoNotPay (the company that created the chatbot), with prison time. More here

EU Overlooked TikTok - But That Will Change - The ByteDance company has not been under fire like other BigTech companies. However, the EU Commissioner of the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, has warned TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew that the app could be banned if it doesn't adapt to new rules on digital content by Sept 1 of this year. More here

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