March 31, 2023 Edition #152

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March 31, 2023 Edition #152


OpenAI Fixes ChatGPT Bug That May Have Breached GDPR - The titles assigned to users' ChatGPT conversations were randomly exposed to other users without consent. OpenAI has since fixed the bug, describing it as a "significant issue" with a third-party open-source library. 

Iowa Becomes 6th State to Adopt Comprehensive Consumer Privacy Law - Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the state's consumer data privacy bill into law, joining California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah and Virginia. 

FTX Founder Indicted for $40M Bribe - Sam Bankman-Fried is facing a new criminal charge alleging he paid $40M to unfreeze crypto trading accounts in China, violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.   

Goldman Sachs Reports: 300M Jobs At Risk with AI Advancements - The report investigates the potential large effects of AI on economic growth including impacting up to 44% of legal jobs as well as partially impacting 2/3 of current occupations across all industries.

Colorado To License Paraprofessionals to Perform Limited Legal Work - The Colorado Supreme Court has approved a new rule allowing licensed nonlawyer paraprofessionals to perform limited legal work in some divorce and child-custody matters.  

Musk + Wozniak Among 1100+ Who Sign Open Letter Calling for Six-Month Ban on Creating Powerful AI - The letter calls on tech companies and governments to first create safety standards and control mechanisms for powerful AI before resuming work on developing these systems. 

European Union AI Act - The act is expected to be a landmark legislation in the EU, governing the use of AI. Take a look at the scope and depth of the act and what it means for tech. 

Tech and Entertainment Industry See More Layoffs - Despite layoffs in the US now over 300k (most recently with companies like Disney, GitHub, and Roku), tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon in Seattle are looking towards a hiring spree.

Join us for another episode of our Community Spotlight Series as Mara Senn, Executive Global Compliance Lead at GE Healthcare, talks with Pieter Gunst about her career journey and how data analytics has evolved over time within the compliance arena.

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