May 12, 2023 Edition #158

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May 12, 2023 Edition #158


Spotify Removes Thousands of AI-Generated Songs - The music-streaming platform has been confronting the rise of AI-generated songs and the mounting number of tracks inundating streaming platforms daily; removing roughly 7% (or tens of thousands) of the songs uploaded from Boomy. 

BigLaw Salary Wars Increased First-Year Associate Salaries Across the Legal Profession - A report from the National Association for Law Placement shows first-year associate salaries are actually up at all firms with the median base salary (as of Jan 1) being $200k (up $35k from 2021).

US Considers Ban on Pay History in Federal Employment Offers - The US Office of Personnel Management proposed new regulations prohibiting the use of an applicant's salary history in federal employment offers. This would prevent the federal government from considering previous compensation when setting pay for new federal employees in several pay systems. 

Google Adds Generative AI to Search - With their ChatGPT challenger thriving, the tech giant has launched a feature that can answer queries with text synthesized by AI, pulling information found online with links to those sources

Twitter Launches Encrypted Communication - Calls and messages on the social media app will soon become encrypted. The new feature is expected to launch this week. 

Hybrid Working Schedule is 'Here to Stay' - According to a survey by labor and employment firm Littler Mendelson PC, over 70% of US employers use the hybrid working model with just 16% reporting they require fully in-person work

BigLaw Falls Out of Fashion With Gen Z - According to a global survey conducted by Major, Lindsey & Africa, a leading recruitment firm, law students and early-career attorneys are increasingly skipping BigLaw firms for fear of lack of work/life balance and assignments that clash with their personal ethics

Copyright and Breach of Contract Issues with Generative AI - When using ChatGPT and other generative AI, it's important not to underestimate the risks of copyright and breach of contract issues. With multiple lawsuits pending on this subject, it's helpful to know the state of law surrounding this technology.

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