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Posted Feb 06
Full Time
Boston, Massachusetts

Can have experience in any practice area and must have a portable book of business.

A unique operating and compensation structure that has enabled the firm to attract and retain talented attorneys and charge reasonable hourly rates to its clients, while also providing its partners compensation that exceeds that of other comparable law firms in and around Boston.

If your quality of life is out of balance, or if you think you are over-worked and underpaid, or if you think your firm’s compensation mechanism overvalues less productive attorneys, or if you’re never confident that your success will be reflected in your pay, then you owe it to yourself to investigate the opportunity available.

You will be able to achieve that all important quality of life, work-personal life balance that now seems impossible for you to attain and be fairly compensated. Partners are not micro-managed, but rather are expected and required to manage their own practices. Partners have and enjoy significant autonomy. There is direct and easily understandable link between each partner’s practice and the compensation he or she earns. Partners’ earnings are based on proven and long standing origination and services performed compensation formulas that apply to every dollar of revenue. The operating and compensation structure also supports each partner’s efforts to grow his or her practice and utilize associate attorneys in that process. The compensation formulas encourage and stimulate internal referrals and co-partnering among our partners.

The proof of our success is easily measured by the longevity of many partners have. nature and extent of their practices, and the continued success of the Firm for many decades. Our attorneys work and have expertise in a variety of practice areas and the Firm is always prepared to expand into new areas of the law or add depth and expertise to existing practice areas.

Whether you are with a firm that is not paying you adequately, whether your practice is overshadowed by other practices or attorneys, whether your practice is not being nurtured and growing, whether you are working as a solo and losing out on landing new clients or matters because you have no depth or backup, whether you’re finding that you are referring out work without getting any benefit, or whether you’re approaching a mandatory retirement age at your present firm, if you have a portable book of business, you should consider exploring a better fit. We’re always seeking lateral attorneys to enhance and grow our talented team.