Newsletter - November 19, 2021

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ConstitutionDAO crowdfunded over $47M in cryptocurrency donations from 17,437 donors to buy a copy of the US Constitution, but did not win the bid in the Sotheby's auction. More here.

Brightflag Acquires Joinder - In its first acquisition, the AI-powered legal ops platform announced it has added Joinder to expand the company. The team consists of 150 legal experts in the US, Ireland, and Australia. More here

FTC Seeks to End "Call to Cancel" - the "click to subscribe, call to cancel" tactic employed by news organizations might be changing soon as the FTC has made it clear it does not approve of this practice. More here

Arbitration Rights Under Scrutiny in Taco Bell Case - The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether an Iowa fast-food worker must arbitrate her claim against a Taco Bell franchise, rather than press them in federal court. More here

Eigen + NetDocuments - Eigen Technologies, the NLP-driven document analysis system has forged a strategic partnership with NetDocuments, the cloud-based document and email management service. More here

California Bar Offers Free Tests, Adjusted Scores for Exam Glitches - Since nearly 33% of all test takers experienced technical issues during the July 2021 bar exam, the California State Bar has decided to adjust the scores of those affected. More here

EyeDetect Has 'Uphill climb' In Court - The new technology uses a digital camera to measure factors such as pupil dilation and eye movement to determine whether a subject is lying. Some believe this technology will have a hard time being admitted in court. More here.

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