April 7, 2023 Edition #153

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April 7, 2023 Edition #153


Genesis Market Shut Down by FBIThe FBI and a consortium of international law enforcement seized domains for Genesis Market, an online marketplace that bought and sold hacked user data. 

Samsung Workers Make Major Error in ChatGPT Usage - The company allowed engineers at its semiconductor arm to use the AI writer to help fix problems with their source code. In the process, the workers accidentally leaked confidential data; the source code itself for a new program, and internal meeting notes data relating to their hardware.

U.S. Chip Controls Threaten China's Tech Goals - China's leaders struggle to find a strategic response to the US's efforts to cut off access to tech in making advanced computer chips.

Stanford's State of AI Report - The 386-page report summarizes this fast-moving domain and hits on important trends, predictions and takeaways. 

Fastcase + vLex - The two legal research companies plan to merge to speed up the creation of AI tools for lawyers. The combined company, funded by Oakley Capital and Bain Capital Credit, will be named vLex Group. 

Canada Opens Investigation into OpenAI in response to a "complaint alleging the collection, use and disclosure of personal information without consent" according to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. 

Puffer Coat Pope: Fake AI Images are fooling social media users. From Pope Francis wearing a puffer coat to Elon Musk on a date with GM CEO Mary Barra, the AI-generated images are sparking a conversation about a new online reality. 

Does your Company Need a ChatGPT Policy? Probably. The powerful AI tool has become a big part of everyday work, but the risks are worth looking into - and planning for

Join us for another episode of our Community Spotlight Series as Dwight Thompson, Senior Principal Patent Counsel at SAS, talks with Pieter Gunst  on his career journey, and about how far current AI still has yet to come in order to compete with the business expertise successful patent attorneys possess.

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