Newsletter - May 13, 2022

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Contract Management Sees Investment Spike - SirionLabs secured a $85M funding round while Evisort announced $100M in Series C funding. Parley Pro was acquired by LexisNexis, all in the same week.

Apple Employees Push Back Against Mandatory Office Policy - A group calling itself Apple Together published an open letter to Apple executives asking for them to change the company policy of requiring workers to be in an office at least three days per week. More here.

ISPs Ordered to Block Pirate Sites - Judge Katherine P. Failla (NY district), ordered a long list of ISPs and other online service providers to block the domains in a series of copyright lawsuits. More here.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Lose $200B in One Day - The plunge is linked to the collapse of the TerraUSD stablecoin and has hit major tokens hard, ending at its lowest level since December 2020. More here.

Instacart Files for IPO - The grocery delivery platform has announced it confidentially filed documents for an initial public offering and did not disclose further details. More here

TX Argues FB and Twitter Can Be Regulated With Requirements - Lawyers for the state argued social media platform are akin to 'modern-day public squares' and can thus be required to host objectionable speech under a state law banning censorship of certain viewpoints. More here.

Appian Wins $2B Verdict Against Pegasystems - Shares for the software company soared after a Virginia jury ordered Pegasystems to pay $2.04B in damages for misappropriating trade secrets. More here.

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