Newsletter - September 2, 2022

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DOJ Is Filing An Antitrust Suit Against Apple 
- The DOJ has been examining whether or not Apple abused its market power to dominate smaller hardware and software tech companies. More here

California Passes Law Requiring Companies to Post Salary Ranges on all job listings for companies with 15+ employees and companies based out-of-state and hiring for jobs in CA. Some must show median gender and racial pay gaps as well (a first for a U.S. state). More here. 

Lawyers See Growth in Crypto Work 
- Despite the digital currency downturn, Bloomberg Law's second State of Practice survey suggests crypto legal work is on the rise. More here

Snap Will Lay Off 20% of Its Staff - The social media company has confirmed its plans to restructure its projects and lay off 20% of its 6,000-person workforce. More here

Instagram Addresses Viral Claims on Location Tags
 - After a recent iOS update, IG users have stated a 'precise location' toggle in app location settings on iOS and Android devices could share someone's exact location with other users. The company has said this is not the case. More here

Texas Official Raises Privacy Concern Over Drunk Driving Tech 
- Senator John Cornyn introduced legislation to repeal a provision that would mandate the development of advanced drunken driving prevention tech and require their use in all new passenger cars. More here.

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