Newsletter - September 9, 2022

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BigTech's $95M Lobbying Against Antitrust Bill 
- Congress is trying to pass an antitrust bill that would significantly change the tech landscape, but companies like Amazon, Google, and Meta have spent upwards of $95M to lobby against these efforts. More here.   

Meta Fined $402M 
- The fine comes from the European Union after allegations the social network has mishandled children's private data on Instagram, offering business accounts to users as young as 13. More here

Law Firms Brace for Fiscal Changes 
- The AMLaw 100 associate recruiting war is slowing down as firms are recognizing the demand for associates no longer exceeds supply. More here

Juul Agrees to Pay $438.5M Settlement - The vaping company settled with 33 states that alleged the company marketed its product to underage users. In addition to the financial terms, Juul will be forced to change its marketing and sales practices. More here.  

MLB Baseball Players Union to Join AFL-CIO Ranks - The Major League Baseball Players Association has joined the AFL-CIO, the nation's largest federation of unions. The move comes a month after the union announced a campaign to organize minor league players. More here

Lawyers Weigh In On Their Employers' Response to Russia - In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine early this year, US Law firms and corporations have closed offices and ended business operations within Russia. Bloomberg Law's State of Practice survey gave attorneys the chance to respond to these changes. More here

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