Newsletter - November 11, 2022

Published weekly on Friday, the Newsletter covers the latest in legal, talent & tech. Newsletter - November 11, 2022


Dentons Loses $32M - In their challenge to overturn a $32.3M legal malpractice suit, Dentons loss has implications for other firms using the Swiss verein law firm ownership model. More here.

Zoom Expanding Beyond Video - The company is planning to add email and calendar features to its suite of tools and announced partnerships with Tesla and AMC Theaters as part of an effort to reverse a post-pandemic slowdown.

Elon Musk, Twitter & Contract Law: Could He Have Bailed? Eric Talley at Columbia Law School answers the legal question that hung over the saga of Elon Musk’s tumultuous Twitter purchase: could he have backed out of the deal? View on Youtube here.

Tech Layoffs - Meta laid off 13% of employees in the biggest round of layoffs in company history. CNN Business' Nicole Goodkind breaks down the issues BigTech is experiencing and what it means for the economy as a whole. More here.

Big Law Layoffs look to correct ‘Over-Hiring’ in the Pandemic Boom. With deal volume down significantly, news of recent layoffs at highly profitable firms is slowly seeping across the industry. More here.

2B3D Announces Veteran's Day NFT - Metaverse and NFT company 2B3D announced the launch of the Supporter Edition, an NFT collection of 3D ribbons designed to fund a virtual reality mental health solution for military veterans. More here 

AI Liability Rules: Ease or Burden? After proposing a regulation for AI systems in 2021, the European Commission has now addressed the issue of liability, making it easier to seek information about AI systems to establish liability. More here.

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