March 10, 2023 Edition #149

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March 10, 2023 Edition #149


ChatGPT Ignites Fears on US/China AI Race - As companies compete with each other over AI implementations, tensions are running high between China and the US as each nation races to foster and develop their own technology.

International Women's Day: Tech and Pay Stats - Pew research has conducted a gender pay gap study which found women earned an average of 82% of what men earned (median hourly for both full- and part-time workers), compared to 80% in 2002. Additionally, according to Forbes, women currently hold just 26.7% of tech-related jobs with more than half of women leaving tech by the mid-point of their career (double the rate of men). 

Law Firms Slow Summer Associate Hiring Amid Market Slowdown - The slowdown in transactional practices has led to a steady decline in demand for legal services, resulting in law firms dialing back their summer associate hiring and a decline in offers extended to second-year law students.

FTC Probes Twitter Data Practices Post-Layoffs - The FTC has been watching the company for years since it agreed to a 2011 consent order alleging serious data security lapses. Now, the focus is on how Twitter has handled compliance with the consent order given the recent layoffs.  

Senators Launch Bill Towards Banning Foreign Technology - Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), is introducing a bipartisan bill aimed at banning or prohibiting foreign tech like TikTok based on concern for the type of content Americans are seeing on the platform.

Warhol Images Debated by SCOTUS - An Andy Warhol portrait of Prince based on a photographer's work is being debated by SCOTUS on creativity, free expression, and, ultimately, art itself.   

BigLaw and BigTech Continue Towards AI Advancement - With both DLA Piper announcing the launch of an AI and data analytics practice, and Salesforce's Einstein GPT throwing its hat in the AI ring, the intersection of legal and tech is certainly favoring the rise of the AI chatbot.

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