Products in the Entity Management Category


By Athennian

Athennian's legal entity management platform combines standard entity management functions with features like eSignature and document assembly. This tool is designed for both in-house teams and professional services (registered agents, law firms, compliance vendors, etc.), and serves both mid-market and enterprise customers.


By Carta

Carta offers board, equity, and compensation management options. Their board management software allows for document and minute management features, e-signing and collaboration tools.

Data Room

By Admincontrol

Admincontrol’s Data Room is a cloud-based solution designed to support due diligence and other similar business processes. Key features include document sharing, Q&A, reporting, commenting and drag-and-drop document upload.

Corporation Service Company

By Corporation Service Company

Corporation Service Company (CSC) provides a full suite of legal software options including; entity management, document storage, compliance module for corporate governance, eFiling, etc.


By Corporify

Corporify provides a SaaS platform that helps their customers to centralize legal data and company information, to automate legal document drafting, and to simplify associated e-signing processes.


By KLEA by Legal Studio

Klea by Legal Studio is a legal entity management solution that helps reduce legal spend and repetitive corporate secretarial work. With a heavy focus on workflow automation, the platform handles officer changes, annual meetings, powers of attorney and many other corporate processes in over 80 countries worldwide. 


By MinuteBox

MinuteBox provides a centralized system for all Company Secretarial Functions. The features of the platform include legal entity and cap table management, document and workflow automation, e-signing, compliance deadline tracking and document sharing with fine-grained permissions. 

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