Intellectual Property Management Software


By CPA Global

FoundationIP helps users to stay on top of deadlines, correspond with stakeholders, and generally manage all IP-related tasks. This software has over 40,000 IP Professional users world-wide.


By AltLegal

Cloud-based IP Management software designed to help users prepare and manage global IP filings.


By AppColl

Cloud-based IP management software that allows users to go through the entire patent process with broad intellectual property coverage (defensive and offensive).


By ClaimMaster Software LLC

ClaimMaster allows users to identify issues with submitted patents, find missing antecedents in claims, check information in patent specifications and drawings, as well as download information on foreign patents.


By ipan/Delegate Group

This collaborative IP management platform helps corporate IP groups to engage inventors, reduce administrative efforts, and have all the information on your IP day-to-day at a glance (products, markets, and revenue).


By Inteum

Inteum is a cloud-based IP Management system helping users to manage relationships, transactions, and ideas to prepare for and achieve commercial success.

Patricia IP Management

By Patrix IP Helpware

A fully-customizable IP Management software (complete with it's own browser), is available as a Client/Server and a web product (or a combination of the two). Users utlize the software's ability to handle all aspects of case matters within an IP department.


By CPA Global

Inprotech provides users with a secure IP management software designed specifically for law firms. It has an efficient improvement-based processes designed to reduce administrative overhead.


By OP Solutions

PATTSY stands for Patent and Trademark Tracking System. This software allows for ease of use and high-quality tracking and filing patent system. It's used by hundreds of the world's largest patent and trademark filers.


By Anaqua

Anaqua is a complete IP management software; offering assistance from start to finish according to your specific needs.