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Doxpop works with local and state governments to provide access to public information and provide web-based electronic case filing.


1eFile is a US-based legal software specializing in offering eFiling resources in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, and California courts.


American LegalNet's EFiling is a client dashboard allowing users to file electronically while keeping organized in multiple courts.

Green Filing

Green Filing's electronic court filing solution is designed to simplify the filing process in California, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Maryl...


InfoTrack simplifies the eFiling process as a software integration for many law practice management systems. Users can utilize pre-filled...


The CourtFileNow eFiling system allows users to save time and expenses and not sacrifice accuracy, performance and communication between ...

One Legal

One Legal provides quick and simple online court filing in the state of California.

File and ServeXpress

File & ServeXpress is an electronic filing which syncs with existing eFiling and/or eService projects within 30 states and D.C.


FileTime is an eFiling Manager system available in Texas, California, Indiana, and Illinois.